Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Outdoor exercise, you say? Madness!!

I went for a bike ride with my friend Camille on Saturday in Brittany. I have not ridden a bike in at least 10 years. It was in fact easy and just like riding a bike when it came to my motor skills, but what that saying fails to warn you about, is that you might be a little older and out of shape compared to the last time you rode the damn bike, and that makes a difference! Now, Camille is a wunderkind when it comes to physical activity. She had disc replacement surgery almost 2 years ago and has worked vigilantly to get her body back into full recovery. I, on the other hand, who has a healthy constitution can't seem to motivate into the work out zone. I actually enjoy working out, how it makes me feel and the results it brings....so then WHY don't I do it??? This is always the dangling last step to getting into a good daily rhythm for me. I should have joined the military; I could have learned self-discipline or at least engaged in mutiny with a violent knife fight....either way, it might have helped. So, here we were, the cheetah and the sloth preparing for what turned into a 17km bike ride (roughly 10 miles). Now, it wouldn't have been so bad had we had proper 10-speeds for hills and such but...no. We had beach cruisers, with no gears and a seat that even three days later has left me feeling like I was ruffied at a frat house. Yes, I know that is crass, so now turn your attention to the picture on the right and see if you can read the look on my face (here's a hint: Camille has the camera). The cliche beret just makes everything come together, don't you thnk?

It was well worth it as I survived and saw some beautiful landscape, sea salt fields and the old town of Guerande. The fields are called les marais salants, and are where all of the grey sea salt is hand cultivated in that region.

What I didn't expect was when going through the pictures from that day, I found photographic evidence related to a lack of working out! Why wasn't this like the last time I moved to Europe in 1999? I ate chocolate, cheese and bread without exercising and LOST weight. I applied the same dietary system as soon as I arrived here in Paris and am sorry to report I will not be publishing a sub-sequel to the South Beach diet, as there are flaws in my experiment. What I'm dealing with is Newton's 1st law of motion: Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it. So, my question is: What is my external force that needs to be applied to the object of my body to change its state of motion? Think about it, and get back to me.
As we were walking in the old fortified city of Guerande (Gwenrann) I heard someone praticing an antique woodwind instrument and decided to take a video. I thought it would be fun to be on the outside listening in for a change. However, upon reflection I should not have held the camera vertically. Please tilt your head to the left for the full experience. :-)

Toward the end of our adventure, we ended up at a local wine store (keep in mind we were in the heart of Loire) and I let Cam work her magic as she impressed the owner with her knowledge and fervor for discussing wine to which he purred and opened up a bottle for us to share. In the picture you can see the hanging saucisson and the round things above are the sausages which he made galette style with cidre. Quite a lovely pay off for a physically taxing day. Then he sent us home with booty in the basket of the trusty steed. The end.

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